Dorico video help

I noticed after last reading (FAQ, I believe) that you mentioned that searching this forum is best done through Google, which I’ve been doing.

Saw an announcement today from Google, that they are now providing pinpoint video searches as long as the video maker includes timestamps. Probably don’t need them for short tutorial videos, but on longer videos from Dorico or anyone making videos about Dorico, it would be much quicker to have a search find the relevant part of a video right off than trying to hunt through the video for the part you’re looking for.

If you look at the most recent Dorico Tips Tuesday you’ll see that it’s appropriately timestamped.

That’s “Discover Dorico”, not “Tips Tuesday”, Leo.

Thanks rexwine for the info about the Google announcement – we’ll bear this in mind for future series of videos.

Apologies. Directly under the video it says #tipstuesday. I’m evidently enough of a luddite to be confused by hashtags!