Dorico Video lists?

I recently saw a video by Anthony Hughes describing improvements in copying and expanding selected sections, to speed up copying music from one stave to others, also selected. It also included expanding chords onto other staves, and reducing a set of parts onto a piano stave.

This is not the only occasion when I have found a useful video, but cannot find it again. Is there a list of all videos, especially Dorico 4.2, which is accessible , please ?


Did you check out their youtube channel?

The other place you will find lots of short videos is this archive of Ant’s weekly #TipsTuesday videos:

Yes, but it is rather difficult to find the video that I asked about. There are categories, etc, but they tend to show ALL tha videos available, going back to Dorico 1, but this video I saw was specific to Dorico 4.2

I know of Tips Tuesday, but cannot find the videos from them, only the text intro, and I am not sure if the video I saw was from a blog or is on the videos of Youtube.

Searching for a specific is rather difficult on You Tube, and the inclusion of Tips Tuesday makes it more so.

Is it possible to catalogue the videos, regardless of where they are, under headings of Dorico 4.2, 4.1, 4, 3.5, 3.1, 3 , etc. Locating the video related to the extra possibilities of each version will make the task of finding them a much easier task.

Sorry to complain, but this would make it easier to find ‘I wonder if I can do … with the version I have’ rather than ploughing through the whole collection.

Well, if you’re running the latest version, you can assume that everything you see in all of the videos is possible in your current version, of course!

There are some playlists in the regard of „What’s new in Dorico 4“, I assume this is what you want?

Hello Daniel, I agree that all will run in the latest version, but that misses the point of my enquiry. I found a short video narrated by Anthony Hughes, which quickly talked about a newer form of copying, allowing for speeding up the copying of music to a number of parts, allowing for a chord sequence to be copied to a number of instruments using a new form of paste - I think it is paste special option which is a new option in 4.2.

Unfortunately, I did not copy the link, so cannot find the video to check the details. It is this sort of situation which is most frustrating, when I know this has been highlighted in a short video, but cannot find it to confirm how this works.

The only video I am aware of specifically highlighting features in Dorico 4.2 is this one: What's New in Dorico 4 2 - YouTube

Going through the link @dspreadbury provided, I cannot see a TipsTuesday video mentioning Copy/Paste functions in his list since the release of 4.2.
but I am sure there is a short TipsTuesday Video covering what you are looking for, probably further down the list.

So I guess the category wouldn’t have helped you in your special case anyhow.

If you watched any part of the video on YouTube you can always find it in your watch history on YouTube. This is also searchable.

I decided to take a break from my searches. When I returned I tried a different approach, using Google, I typed in ‘Dorico Paste special video’ as this was the term I remembered from the video I was looking at.

To my surprise, I found several videos, but the major surprise was that they referred to Dorico 2. I had no idea that it was already an option in earlier versions, so apologies for my insistence that this was a new option in Dorico 4.

I found what I was looking for, and perhaps I should look for specific terms using Google in future. It also proved the point of looking for something in a different way, as I had had little luck looking at the Dorico videos page.

Thank you for your help. I hope some way can be found to list the videos , perhaps in versions, and then perhaps alphabetically, to assist slow learners like me in finding the specific options in this wonderful software.

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