Dorico video presentation w/ better audio?

Is a version of this presentation – but with good sound quality - available somewhere?
Thanks in advance.

No, the session at MOLA was filmed only by Peter Trubinov, one of the attendees, on his camcorder, so the video only has the sound as heard in the room while I was talking. No other video of the presentation exists, to my knowledge.

We are talking about doing some kind of Dorico live stream demonstration on Facebook Live or Twitch or another similar service at some point.

You could always lip sync a voice-over in your spare time :smiling_imp:

Better if I could get Peter Serafinowicz to do it for me…

Peter Serafinowicz - the voice of Darth Mall and Driver Dan.

Now that’s versatility! (But it’s Maul, not Mall.)

Oh yes! Darth Mall is a shopping centre in one of the Lego Star Wars DVDs. “Darth Mall - prices slashed in half”.

I saw him in the park only last week!