Dorico VST Audio Engine crashes on opening file even after changing to "Silence"


I am finishing my final thesis composition and had to go back to an earlier file due to finding a VST audio engine crash was preventing playback from working. Changing to the playback template “Silence” removed the VSTs but it would still crash on load. Going back to the earlier copy stopped the crash, but I lost some work that I then had to recreate.

It just happened again on the same file and I am hoping there may be a way of fixing it because I have done a lot more work since the last copy that actually works.


I just tried sending it to my iPad, saving it there in Dorico for iPad, and sending it back again. It still crashes VST Audio Engine on startup.

I was finally able to solve it by opening the file in Dorico on my laptop, doing a Save As, and opening that file on my desktop again.

I am glad you could fix the project yourself, but I am still curious about why the audio engine did crash before. Could you please do ‘Help >Create Diagnostics Report’ on the machine where the crashes happened and attach the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

Hi Ulf,

Thanks for the response. The diagnostics file was too big to attach so I have uploaded it here:

I suspect the crash was related to conTimbre somehow as I have had similar issues with it in the past. My laptop doesn’t have conTimbre on it, so it is possible that the act of opening the file on my laptop and saving it again there served to remove some conTimbre-related data from the file. Doing the “Save As” on my laptop shrunk the file considerably.

The frustrating thing is that these issues may only appear after I’ve closed the file and go to reopen it. I save everything directly to Dropbox so that I can go through my version history there and pull any older save of any project in case I need something that I decided to delete. The last time this had happened, most of those successful saves were ones I could not open again without the VST audio engine crash. So I can be working for many hours in Dorico, doing many saves, and unbeknownst to me, all of those saves are basically corrupt in that I cannot start Dorico and reopen them again without a crash. Thankfully at least I know that I can open it and save it again on my laptop to remedy the issue.


Hi Michael, thanks very much for the diagnostics, but it only contains one crash dump and it appears that crash happened during the time the audio engine was shutting down anyway.
Could you perhaps send me one of the corrupted project files so that I could try it out on my end as well? Please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks