Dorico VST Halion Symphony Orchestra HSO

Is VST “Halion Symphony Orchestra” - which comes with Dorico - compatible in Cubase 8.5?
I mean, if I want to use HSO without Dorico it works in Cubase as a normal VST?

Will Steinberg provide future HSO Updates in Dorico or separat in HSO-Update.


Yes, if you have Cubase 8.5 you can use the HSO installed by Dorico…

Actually the HSO content is appears as sounds in HALion Sonic SE - you don’t need to use the actual HSO plugin

??? but I want to use HSO plugin in Cubase !

Well, both the HSO and, of course, the Halion SE appear in Cubase - it might happen that you will have to rescan the vsti folders or you will have to add the dorico vst target folder in case you have selected a different target folder for the vst during the installation process.

You can use the HSO plug-in in Cubase if you like: HSO content will either load into its own HSO plug-in, or into any version of HALion/HALion Sonic, as you choose.

Now I bought Dorico !
In My products I find Dorico Downloadlink (84MB). I think that’s Dorico, but not HSO.
Where I find a HSO Downloadlink?

HSO is installed as part of the Dorico installation, so run the Dorico download assistant, and then install the downloaded package (which is around 9GB in size), and HSO will be installed as part of that process.

I haven’t purchased the dorico and thinking of buying it. I already bought HSO separately. I wish I could get more discount or Dorico or return HSO! :frowning: