Dorico Web Page


Is the Dorico web page working? I’ve been trying to see it for three days now. :confused:

No problems here.


This is what’s happening, here. :cry:

Derrkins, where are you located?

I don’t know where all the “/_sp=whatever” stuff in your error message has come from, but when I find that page using Google I just go to

Does that link work for you?

I’m in Guyana, South America.

That could be it. I’m no internet expert, but many of these companies have multiple “locations” around the world - hosting servers, I guess. Possibly the one near you is down?

It’s working fine here in the UK. I’ve just gone through a VPN in Brazil and it seems to be working there too.

Thank you, PoinoLeo and Dankreider!

I don’t know what the problem is/was, because the main page was working all along. Anyway, I can see the Dorico page today. :confused:

Thanx, again! :smiley: