Dorico will not allow me to insert dynamic at position I say to

See GIF. This is organ music, and I’d like for Dorico to let me put it on the “rest” in the manuals, but the pedal is playing (and this is a tutti passage). I have been able to move dynamics to this rhythmic position before, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Hopefully an easy fix.


Just so you know, I’ve tried doing the following:

  • De-coupling the dynamics and manually moving it in the rhythmic grid;
  • Moving the dynamic from the pedal (using Alt+m/n)
  • Moving the hairpin back a rhythmic position to see if the dynamic won’t snap to the previous measure

…all to no avail.

What you see me do off screen is me removing from group the dynamic from the hairpin.

See the options under Beat Relative Position in the Dynamics Properties. (Select the Forte and choose “after”, may be you have to ungroup the dynamics first)

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Thank you for this. Is there a place where I can set this as a permanent property?

Glad it helped :slight_smile: Sorry I am on iPad just now and cannot say in the desktop version which default changeable options are available…

Unfortunately, this does not work.

Sorry – I will experiment when I get back to my Dorico computer in a couple hours.

Edit: Yes, it looks like Christian’s first post #3 is the only solution. (Thanks for that.)

I do not see a global preference for this in Engraving Options.