Dorico Will Not Run

About once a day, I get this issue:

I go to start Dorico, and absolutely nothing happens. In fact, it’s utterly nothing. I check my Task Manager, and there is no sign of Dorico running or have run. No matter how many times I click the icon, it doesn’t run.

The only way to fix this problem is to restart the computer, and if I start Dorico right away, it runs.

Any ideas?

Running Windows 11, and latest version of Dorico.

Yes, it’s almost certainly VST audio engine. In tasks, check for that later in the list, and end task.

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Unfortunately, there is no instance of VST Audio Engine running or in the processes list.

What do you have that is non-standard? VSTs? What might it be that changes ‘once a day’?

That’s an interesting question, but I don’t regularly run my VSTs outside of Dorico. Just Noteperformer.

For starters, create a diagnostic report from the Help menu, and upload it here.

Does Dorico quit gracefully? E.g., if you launch Dorico successfully, and then quit it; can you launch it again?

On occasion, I too find that Dorico refuses to launch from the icon (Win 10). However, it does launch from the Windows start menu. No idea why.

I have, but I cannot upload it here (it’s too big).

On occasion…

I just tried this, but no avail.

Hi @joshdnichols , can you split it up into smaller chunks and then attach to several replies?
Or send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

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Hi @joshdnichols , that looks like an old known issue that we don’t have a proper fix for, yet, but the workaround is to delete C:\ProgramData\boost_interprocessdirectory and reboot. How’s that going then?

@Ulf C:/ProgramData is not a folder that exists. Please advise.

Is it possible that it is a hidden folder that you need to make visible on your machine?

It is in Windows 10.


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Ah, that’s useful to know. Yes, it was hidden. Found it.

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