Dorico will not start

I recently updated to Cartalina and now I cannot open Dorico. I have version 2.
If I cannot start Dorico, how can i update to the latest version?


Hi Piccolo, that is sad to hear, but we always discouraged people here on the forum to switch to Catalina.
And rolling back is not an option for you?

On the other hand, what is the exact symptom that you are facing?
Dorico is trying to start and then breaks off, or is it hanging? If so, at what stage?
Please give more detail.
When I’m back to the office on Monday I can try to run Dorico 2 on Catalina.

If you are willing to pay the upgrade fee, you can simply buy the upgrade activation code in our online shop:
The installation you can already do without it. Simply download Dorico 3 via Steinberg Download Assistant and install.

You should be able to update Dorico to version 3.x by going to your account at the Steinberg web site, purchasing the upgrade, and then downloading the Steinberg Download Assistant for the new version.

Piccolo, provided you are running the latest eLicenser Control Center update, you should find that you can run Dorico 2 on Catalina, though only Dorico 3.0.10 is officially supported on that version of macOS.

Hi Everyone.
I have upgraded to Dorico 3 and I think everything is now OK. Many thanks

Hmmmm… paid my money, downloaded the Download Assistant. I click on it—it quits. Read the blog article, find

If you still encounter an error, please restart your computer and then run the Dorico installer before you run any other applications, and it should complete successfully.

Nope. That flat out doesn’t work

Fortunately, logging into MyDorico, I find the application and sounds. Downloading now. Let’s see what happens … oh yea, the eLicenser… perhaps I’ll get it working on my system.

Update — only took an hour and a half to download and install — much, much better than last time. Download Assistant still doesn’t work but frankly who cares?