Dorico window navigation

Hi, Dorico v5 on Mac. I have been learning to use Groove Agent with Dorico and am having to switch between the Dorico main window and the window that comes up when I click ‘Edit Instrument’ from the Play mode tab. My screen is small so I can’t get both windows side by side, so I’m switching between the two a lot. Is there a keyboard shortcut I can use? On most apps I can switch between app windows using Command-` and would love to be able to quickly switch between these two windows in Dorico.

I was not able to find a shortcut when searching Help-> Key Commands menu, and no luck elsewhere on the interwebs, so any help is appreciated!

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be such a key command: Edit Instrument window: key commands.
Cmd - ` cycles through your VST windows but not, I think, between the main window and the VSTs.

Unfortunately this is difficult to achieve via key commands, because the Groove Agent window (and indeed any VST plug-in window) is not handled by Dorico itself, but rather by the VST audio engine process, which is separate from Dorico. The VST audio engine shows no UI aside from these plug-in windows, so you can’t bring it into focus using the application switcher.

In the next Dorico update, which is due before the end of the year, we have implemented a new command that you can bind to a custom key command using the Key Commands page of Preferences that will allow you to open the VST plug-in window for the selected staff. This should make it easy to switch to the right window, and then you can use Command-Tab to switch back to Dorico again. (Though you’ll need to use your mouse to interact with the plug-in window anyway, so you can always just click on the bit of the Dorico window you can still see when you’re done with the plug-in.)


Thanks, both of you! That makes sense. If the OS doesn’t see the VST engine as having a UI element, then it makes sense that there’s nothing the OS can do. Dorico is unfortunately caught in the middle of it.

Being able to quickly open the VST plugin window quickly is a solid improvement, I look forward to it!

And if I’m reading between the lines correctly, I think I heard you say ‘go ahead and buy that external monitor’ :slight_smile:


This is cool!

Do me a favour and list every other feature that’s coming as well? :grin: