Dorico Windows 10 files different Engine doesn´t open in Mac

Something weird,

I work scores mainly in my Surface Pro 4, it doesn’t matter if it´s Sibelius, Notion or Dorico. In the SP4 I work with Kontakt running inside VEP5, BST First Chairs for a String Quartet I´m writing. Sounds GREAT

BUT when this morning I tried to open this Dorico Files on MAC, it gets frozen at 50%. THEN I saved the Quartet on Dorico Windows two new times with different configurations and worked:

1-One Save without Engine(No Halion, No Nothing) - OPENS ON MAC, NO PROBLEMO
2-Another Save with the Halion Standard(Apply Default Playback Template) - OPEN IN MAC, AGAIN NO PROBLEM
(and 3 I saved the XML Just In case everything went wrong, even on Windows, but this doesn´t count, it´s only paranoia)

Why is this happening? I use the same VEP-Kontakt-BST Template for SQs with Sibelius and Notion, and they opens on Mac without any problems.


Hi Juan,
indeed, good question. Can’t really tell at this point what is happening. We need to have a deeper look and also would need some more information from you.
With the file that freezes Dorico at 50%, does the audio engine process still live. Could you please check in the Acitivity Monitor app and look for the process VSTAudioEngine?
If it is not in the list, then it most likely crashed. In that case, please open the Console application and under Diagnostic Reports have a look for crash report from VSTAudioEngine. Please attach here.
Also, would be good to have the actual Dorico project that causes the freezing. Is it possible that you post it here, or instead send me as private mail. Private mail within this forum is possible, look for the User Control Panel on the top of this page and then choose the “Private messages” tab.
BTW, Dorico projects will probably get refused as attachments. In that case, please zip it up and it will get accepted.

Hi Ulf, when I save the project in Windows 10 with No Engine or Halion Default it opens on Mac. Anyway, I’m working on my Surface Pro 4 with no problems. It was only this morning that I was choosing the Kontakt template in my Mac in order to copy the libraries I need to my SP4. As soon I finish the 2nd movement of the String Quartet I’ll go back to my Mac to do the mixing, then I will send you the files you need, OK? Give me a couple of days to finish it, I don’t want to distract me more of the composition with technicalities.
Thank you for answering me back, I’ll send you a private with all the stuff you need by the end of the week.

Okay, very good. And I’m glad to hear that you are not stuck in your work.