Dorico wishlist for next updates

I’ll go straight to the point :smiley:

1 - make playing technique editable in the key editor/play mode
this would allow to assign the correct playing technique at the correct unquantised MIDI note performed during a live midi recording.
You could for istance let the user decide if the playing techniques in the keyeditor/play mode have to be linked or not to the playing technique applied to a note in the score.
In this way we could have both the note in the score and the unquantised midi note for the playback with the correct playing technique

2 - redo/undo funciton in the mixer

3 - insert values in the mixer

4 - link selected drum note in the score to the selection of the relative midi event in key editor

5 - show drum kit as a whole in key editor/play mode (like in Cubase)
It would be easier to write and edit a drum part if we could see all the instruments of a drum kit condensed in one track/key editor (piano roll or percussion editor)

6 - add a default jazz library sound containing articulations and playing techniques

7 - add support for guitar/bass dead notes

8 - add scissors tool in the keyeditor in write and play mode

9 - pinch to zoom in the key editor/play mode

10 - select and drag midi regions in the play mode

11 -add snap to the grid on/off function in the key editor and play mode

12 - shortcut command for “requantise” function with current settings

thank you :slight_smile:

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Just a couple of responses…

Changes you make in the Mixer are already undoable and redoable as part of the standard undo/redo mechanism.

Many of these other requests have been made before (including by you, in recent days). Several of them are under consideration for future versions.

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