Dorico with learning features


i was wondering if it is possible for Dorico to implement learning feature such as Musescore have, or Synthesia, where you can visualize the notes being played on piano/keyboard. I know it sounds like so unprofessional, but as a teacher i think i might looking for this feature especially during covid19 where i have to teach online.

Thank you so much for your attention
P.S : sorry for my poor english.

Halionsonic SE, a “standard” dorico’s VST, have a keyboard and show the Press Key.

Yes, i am aware of that, however i dont use Halion, i prefer Noteperformer, anyway this kind of example is what i am looking for, it’s a Synthesia GUI, however there’s no editable option for quantization and other music notes related … Musescore Pro offers this style on the web version

I don’t think Dorico has a function like this. wait for someone more experienced than me to answer. I’m sorry I can’t help you

I know that there are programs that play midifiles on the piano-roll, if they were Vst intrument you could duplicate the musicians and assign the output of the tracks you need to this vst instrument

Dorico doesn’t currently have a keyboard window (or indeed a fretboard window etc.) but this is something we may add in future.