Dorico won't launch without internet connection due to activation manager failure

I’m having a licensing problem. When I try and launch Dorico Pro 4 (Version without an internet connection, it runs the ‘Launching Steinberg Activation Manager’ prompt. This then doesn’t work due to the lack of an internet connection. When I do have a connection, Dorico opens normally, and the activation manager (version, I think) shows that Dorico 4 is activated on this computer. In my Steinberg profile, however, under products, it says that Dorico Pro 4 is ‘Not used on any computers’, so it does seem there’s some issue here.

Can anyone let me know how to solve this so I can get my work done despite LNER’s terrible WiFI!

Would you be able to zip up the contents of your Activation Manager directory and post them here? That will be %appdata%\Steinberg\Activation Manager on Windows or /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Activation Manager on Mac.

One workaround would be to go through the Offline Activation workflow on your laptop, but that shouldn’t be necessary as if you are already activated then the Activation Manager shouldn’t need to contact the internet at all. Hence it would be interesting to see your logs.

Of course, here that is! Thanks for helping.
Activation (133.5 KB)

Ah, sorry, I hadn’t read your original post carefully enough… You’re on SAM 1.2, so that’s your problem. We’ve fixed most of these internet-related issues since then, so I’d upgrade to the most recent SAM (1.4.21). Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg

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You’re also still using Dorico 4.0.20, by the looks of things, Joe. A lot has changed in Dorico 4 since that release more or less a year ago, so I would definitely recommend updating to Dorico 4.3.20. That’s 0.3 versions’ worth of goodness you have in store.