Dorico won't open after Windows 10 update

I updated to the latest version of Wondows 10 yesterday afternoon. When I tried to start Dorico this afternoon (5 minutes before a lesson), it said I needed to re-input my serial #. Which I did. Still got an error message. Rechecked. Closed other programs, etc. Tried again. No luck. The error message said something about the e-licenser, so I tried reinstalling the latest version. That has no place that I could find to help solve my issue.
Why can’t I simply enter my serial # when requested to do so and have everything work? This is MADDENING! From what I’ve seen in past years about Steinberg’s issues re licensing, I don’t blame the developers at Dorico. You guys feel like friends. But friend to friend, this is costing me unnecessary time. Fine. But it’s also affecting my students time with me. Please help me get up and running again asap? I have more students tomorrow.
(Hope this expressed just the right level of frustration. No more. no less.)

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No confusion about why you are frustrated; you got a raw deal. But as you said, this started with a Windows update, not a Dorico or Steinberg change.

Really sorry that you’ve run into this problem, David. Often after one of the major Windows updates, you will find that your eLicenser-protected software won’t run. Normally all that is required is to find the eLC.exe executable in Program Files, right-click and choose ‘Run as Administrator’, then let it complete its maintenance tasks. At that point you’re normally back up and running again.

Thanks, gentlemen.
I DID try to use the eLC.exe executable file. It kept giving me error messages that I needed to insert a USB. I don’t remember ever receiving one. If I did, which I doubt, I am certain that I never used it to register Dorico.
It dawned on me after writing you that I purchased Dorico through Sweetwater Sound, who has excellent support. The tech person helped me find the correct version of the e-licensor. I am up and running again. I was able to reschedule my lesson after dinner. Then skype blew up because of the windows update. Not a fun afternoon.
If I can say a few more words here? You guys are great. I really appreciate the quick help. But you can’t possibly see things from the users perspective once you know all the ins and outs. The error messages I got from Dorico/Steinberg were not only not helpful, they were incorrect. Misleading! After following them and getting no success, a user becomes very frustrated. Hard to think straight when you’re fighting a program that is contradicting itself.
Steinberg has set up a labyrinth of dead ends and hoops to jump through to get something very simple accomplished. I feel a bit more emboldened to say this after hearing that other people’s main critiques of Dorico/Steinberg have to do with the maddening setup process. You have a phenomenal approach to notation/sequencing software. I am cheering for you.
I was in upper education for over 30 years. We used a number of music programs over that time. I recently left, and we were still using Sibelius, though I encouraged all my students to buy Dorico. At that time, I was in charge of choosing software for our department. I wanted to go with Dorico, but the IT folks at my institution urged me not to go with Steinberg because of their history of licensing snags.
WIle on the phone this evening, I asked Sweetwater how Steinberg rated as far as licensing difficulties. My tech person said, “Omnisphere is worse.” So there’s that.
So I thought I’d offer some honest words from a friend and fan.
Thanks again for your quick response. (You answered in about the same time it took me to get through to tech support at Sweetwater. Good on you.)

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For what it’s worth, I completely agree with you. The current eLicenser system is full of traps for the unwary. We have said many times here that we are actively exploring alternatives to the current eLicenser system, as in an ideal world I would never want any one of our customers to be left without the use of the software they have licensed from us even for a couple of hours. It is absolutely our intention to migrate Dorico away from the eLicenser as soon as an alternative license management solution is available.

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That’s worth a lot, Daniel. Always appreciate your kind attention. I don’t imagine that I might be of any service toward that end, other than testing something? In any event, I’m at your service if need be.
Thanks again,

Quick note - bought mine through Sweetwater too originally. Make sure you register your software with Steinberg. I don’t think that’s automatically done even after the license number entry?

This same thing has happened to me. Again. As you mentioned, it happens with every major Windows update. It’s really unacceptable for a user to have to look for .exe files, right click etc. etc. I paid $$$ for this software, and Steinberg shouldn’t be creating obstacles to my using it. Once I solve the current eLicenser issue (still getting eLicenser error screens, but a few more tricks to try), I’m thinking about exporting my current projects so I can re-do all my work in Sibelius. Much as I am NOT a fan of Avid, at least my Avid software keeps working after updates without making me go through this over & over again.

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With respect, if it is indeed as easy as choosing “Run as administrator” for the elicenser… should be easy enough to fix!

Obviously the point still stands, and we all agree the licenser stinks.

True. But, it failed the first time for some inscrutable reason. I have since succeeded. However, I’m somewhat competent with technology, whereas my daughter - also a Dorico user - has trouble even finding the .exe she’s supposed to right click on. Everything should be do-able from the e-licenser window without having to search one’s hard drive, or better still from the Dorico launchpad itself.
One really good thing about Dorico which I didn’t mention before is the reliably on-point help from Dan Spreadbury whenever something goes wrong (thank you Dan!).

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The only solace I can offer at this point is that we are actively working on the successor to the eLicenser and its days are numbered, so in the medium-term we won’t be dealing with these kinds of inscrutable problems. I’m optimistic that the user experience will be considerably better with the new system.


As you know, many are waiting for this development with bated breath. If it is as good as you hint, we shall all be happy!

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