Dorico won't open and crashes

Dorico is being a bit glitchy for me. Sometimes I can’t open it, sometimes it stalls when opening (“Audio engine: Waiting for connection”), and sometimes it crashes. I’m not working with large projects.

It looks like your Dorico installation might be damaged. I recommend uninstalling the application via Programs and Features – just Steinberg Dorico 4, not all of the other bits and bobs – then run the Dorico 4.1.10 installer again.

So far, so good! Thank you!

I’ve had a couple more crashes.

There are three crashes in the diagnostics. Two of them unfortunately our tools can’t make any sense of, but the third one concerns a crash apparently when selecting lyrics. If you can provide a project and some steps to reproduce that problem that would be great.

Daniel, I’ll have her email it to you. Thanks.