Dorico won't open for this project

I just completed one project from an XML file and when I tried to open after I shut down my computer the dorico app would crash without any notice.
All the other projects are working well except this,
Can I get some help regarding? I spent few hours working on this, I wouldn’t like to lose it.
Lipatti - Introduction et Allegro pour flute (1.04 MB)
THank you!

Sorry you’re running into this problem. Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here? (It’ll be scant consolation, I’m sure, but the project opens up fine in the current development build.)

Maybe you can resave under another name and send it back to me? maybe it works?
I tried to open it as well as on another computer where I have dorico instaled (same version, 3.5) and it has the same problem.

Doesn’t open for me either, for whatever that’s worth. Le crash.

Dorico Pro 3.5 & 3.1 crash for me, too, while opening the project attached at the first post.

Here is the Memory Dump:

Best regards,


I tried to open your project too here on my Dorico 3.5 Pro and it crashed too.

Hi Daniel,

I attached the crash report.
Dorico (484 KB)

Thanks for the crash reports. The problem is related to grace notes. The project opens up OK in our development builds, but there is a remaining problem that we need to look into. Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to open the project in the current version at the moment, but you will be able to resume working on the project once the next update is available. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience!

Ok. That’s quite sad, may I know when is the next update in plan?
Thank you.

Unfortunately we don’t have a specific date as yet, but it will be relatively soon.

That sounds like somewhere between “anticipated” and “imminent.” :slight_smile:

:sunglasses: It doesn’t matter, what’s important is that an update is coming, let’s stay optimistic :slight_smile:

Who isn’t optimistic? Being part of Dorico’s growth is a thrill ride, a real joy. Every new update/upgrade is like a holiday present.

Yes, except the part when you have a paid project, it crashes and then you have to start all over again and spend more hours to make it.
But the rest is absolutely amazing! I mean it!

Yes, I can imagine that, and I used to encounter the same thing when doing several compositions and arrangements in Logic Pro X. Sometimes I lost the whole project :-/

It’d be just nice if there is an auto-save as .xmls along with an auto-save as .dorico file.