Dorico won't open sometimes

This is really frustrating and I’ve had this for multiple versions now. Even contacted support about this. They said I should get a new eLicenser, but that didn’t solve the problem.

If my computer has been running for a while and I’ve run other software, Dorico won’t open most times. I have to restart the system (Windows 10) in order for it to work. But why? Is there a log file we can look into? Because I am not getting any error messages. Nothing at all!

eLCC is up to date and online-sync is working without issues.

Thank you in advance!

Go to the Help menu and “Create Diagnostic Report”. Post the resulting ZIP file here and maybe one of the experts will have a look.

Next time this happens open the task manager and see if there is already a Dorico.exe process. If there is, kill the task and restart Dorico. I had this problem once and solved it like that.

exactly! If there are no messages and nothing appears to happen, it’s odds-on that there is already a copy of Dorico or the VST engine running somewhere. That’s happened quite a few times with me and of course it’s not Dorico-specific but can happen with most applications in Windows.

Sadly that’s not the case, there’s no process already running…

Have you tried “downgrading” to eLicenser Control Center 6.11, if you’re currently running 6.12? It’s available for download under the Alternative versions for support purposes link on this page.