Dorico won't open when restarting after an issue with playback


I just wanted to flag up an issue I have been having recently with Dorico 4 Pro. Every now and then, when I’m working on a file, I find that the playback function is greyed out. If I double click anything at this stage then I find that Dorico crashes, so I have learnt to just save my file and quit in order to restart. The problem is that when I quit the file, it doesn’t go back to the Dorico home screen with recent projects as usual, but rather nothing happens. Resultantly I try to re-open Dorico but to no avail, unless I restart my Windows laptop. I have tried running the maintenance option on the eLicenser as suggested in previous posts, but when I do this it suggests that Dorico is still open, but I have no way of getting onto it.

I am going to try running the maintenance option on the eLicenser now whilst Dorico is definitely closed, which I suppose could help, but in the mean time, in case it remains an issue, I have put the diagnostics zip file here in case anyone can help me to work out what might be going on. It’s not an extremely urgent issue but the restarting is becoming a bit of a nuisance!

Many thanks for your help,
Dorico (1.3 MB)

When Dorico crashes, often just the program crashes but the VST Audio Engine remains open. When you restart Dorico, it then will hang when it tries to initialze the audio engine. Instead of restarting the PC, go to Task Manager, click on Processes, then select VSTAudioEngine and click End Task. Then try restarting Dorico again.

(This obviously doesn’t help with why Dorico is crashing in the first place, but at least you shouldn’t have to restart your PC. And welcome to the forum!)

Hi FredGUnn,
Many thanks for this tip! I will give it a go next time it happens. Saves having to restart the whole laptop every time, as you say.
Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

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Also welcome from me and thank you for the diagnostics report. I just had a brief peek into it and saw two crash dumps of the Dorico audio engine. Right at the moment I don’t have the debugging tools to have a deeper look, but I will do on Monday morning, and then I can tell more.

Hi Ulf,
That’s great, thank you, any insights into the situation next week would be much appreciated :slight_smile: , and thanks for the warm welcome.