Dorico Won't Open

I’ve been trying to download the most recent update of Dorico and all it has done is caused me trouble. After attempting to download it and open it it repeatedly was giving me a “Dorico Crashed Unexpectedly” message. I couldn’t seem to get any of the Steinberg “assistant” programs to work either, so I opted to uninstall everything and start over. I’ve taken a few hours and downloaded the Download Assistant, and all of the Dorico 4 content and I am still getting the “Dorico Crashed Unexpectedly” message. I cannot open it. Please help! I’m extremely frustrated with this whole process. It shouldn’t be this hard to update the software, but it never gives me anything but trouble.

Hi @Graham_D , sorry to hear about your trouble.

Are you on Win or Mac? Could you please execute the script as can be downloaded from here for Win or here for Mac? It should create a zip file on your desktop. Please attach that to a reply here. Thanks

I expect the problem you are running into, Graham, is that Dorico is falling over while trying to read your userlibrary.xml file with your saved customisations, due to a bug that we will fix very soon now (an update will be out next week to address the problem).

In the meantime, please go to your user data folder:

Windows: %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 4
Mac: /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4

and find the userlibrary.xml file, then move it out of the way. Don’t delete it, because you’ll want to put it back once the next update is available. Now Dorico should start.

Again, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience caused.

This worked perfectly! Thank you. Just curious what this file’s absence means. Does it mean that my saved defaults and such will not be present? I opened a file with a lot of “non-default” settings and those were all there. I look forward to the update with the bug fix.

Also, could you point me to where I can see step by step how to update the software? Every time I try to do something in the Download Assistant I seem to run into problems, so I want to make sure I do it correctly.

I’m on a Mac, by the way, if that matters. Should have mentioned that before.

It means that any new projects you create in the interim won’t have your customisations, but you can always add them back using the Library Manager once you have restored the user library after the next update is made available.

Installing an update should be really simple. The biggest problem is knowing that there is an update, because we can’t notify you directly. However, keep an eye on the Learn button in the Hub as it will show a little red badge when we update the blog or our YouTube channel, and there will always be an announcement at least on the blog about a new update.

Once you see that a new update is available, quit Dorico, then run Steinberg Download Assistant, and under My Product Downloads choose whatever flavour of Dorico 4 appears there. Then on the right-hand side you should see that the Application Installer download choice has not yet been downloaded on your computer, because it’s been updated. So click the Install button, and then just wait for the progress bar to turn green.

It should really be as simple as that!

Updated to 4.1 from version 4 tonight and Dorico won’t open, have to force quit. I looked in my user library for the user library.xml to remove and I don’t have that file etc.

Any help to resolve this would be much appreciated. I’m on Mac OS 12.4. I have included the application log as a zip file. (1.3 KB)

Thank you.

Make sure you have the latest Steinberg Activation Manager.


Hi @musicchamber , looks like Dorico is waiting for the audio engine.
I need more logging data, so I’ve attached a shell script which shall gather more data and create a zip file on your desktop. So please unzip the attachment, execute and then post the created zip file, please. Thanks (509 Bytes)

Hi @Ulf , thank you for your support. I have attached the (1.2 MB)

Thank you Jesper, I will check that.


Hi @musicchamber ,

the logs say that Dorico is waiting for the audio engine, but the audio engine as such is also running, it is just that the 2 can’t communicate with each other.
Did you somehow change something in the Dorico bundle so that the code signature got invalidated?