I’m new to Dorico, been using Finale for years and found out Dorico had the Midi Record abilities and really wanted to use them to speed up my writing. So I got the trial version with the intent on buying the software if all went well. However, all has not gone well :cry: and I can’t record? I don’t get a click the time doesn’t move anything. If I push play or stop the playback bar works but I can’t get the record to do anything. I’ve added time signatures, Tempo’s and Bars still nothing. I’m using an apogee quartet as my Audion interface and a Novation midi keyboard straight from USB and it’s checked and highlighted in the settings. I’ve checked all of those settings, the notes playback on the sample versions in dorico? Someone, please help me figure this out, or I guess it’s back to Finale, cause this does nothing for me.

Welcome to the forum.
A. Are you in Write mode?
B. What happens if you select the first rest, hit Enter and start tapping notes on your keyboard? Do you get a stream of quarter notes/crotchets?

Check out this video:

Welcome to the forum, bigdiezal. Make sure you create a time signature and some bars so that there’s some room to record into. Select the first bar rest, then type Command-R to start recording. You should see the red playhead move across the score, and hear the click, but you won’t see any notes appear in Write mode until you stop recording.

Thank you all that replied!!! I got it to work, I guess it was the fact that I needed to highlight the first rest to get it to record. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

But now I can’t get it to play it back, well the playhead is moving so it’s playing it back but I’m guessing I don’t have a sound attached to the piano instrument I’m using? Anyone know how to resolve this quickly. Thank you in advance

Start here:

Thanks Dan! I didn’t have the Halion plug in they referenced on the forum but I just subbed my Kontakt Plugin & I’m good to GO!!! Zoom!