Dorico won't select audio device...

There is no VST Audio Engine folder in Application Support> Steinberg.

I beg your pardon, it’s ~/Library/Preferences/VSTAudioEngine. Sorry for the misinformation. (1020 KB)

I will ask our audio engine team to look at this data and hopefully they can advise.

Is this going to take awhile, Should I shut Dorico down for the time being?


Well, the audio engine team are asleep in bed, where I should be since I literally have a plane to catch in the morning, so I’m afraid the earliest you can expect a reply is sometime tomorrow (Thursday). I’m sorry that I’m not able to provide more instantaneous support on this occasion.

Understood Daniel, no doubt you have your hands full. I’m looking foreword to using Dorico, I admire the work ethic of you and your team. You have undertaken a daunting task, with demanding masters.


Hi JM,

indeed, weird behaviour that we can’t explain by now.

Additionally, could you please zip up the contents of following directory:

There are one or more log files of the audio engine in there. These are more useful for us to look at.


Ulf, where might I find said directory?


If you open the Terminal app and type…

open $TMPDIR/VSTAudioEngine

…it should open a finder window at the right place.


Weird, should work straight away. But in the error message is one slash too much.

So in the Terminal, could you please manually change directory to that place but leave out one of the slashes?
In other words

cd /var/folders//T

and then do

open VSTAudioEngine

Uff, I’m not exactly sure of what you’re asking me to change…


Ulf, I’m sorry…

The extra slash shouldn’t make a difference.

Could you try just:

open $TMPDIR

Is there a folder called VSTAudioEngine in there?

Ok, that opened a folder, what am I looking for in said folder?

Another folder called “VSTAudioEngine”

As you can see, there is no such folder…
T Folder.png

Then it looks like that the Audio Engine doesn’t have the access right to write to that folder.
How can that happen? Well, from difficult to impossible to diagnose from remote…

What would you suggest? It seems that Dorico is in beta stage at best.