Dorico won't select audio device...

Ulf, my system is hardly unique. I don’t mind participating in an experiment, typically there are disclaimers for such scenarios, they’re called beta tests. The crazy thing is, Steinberg and the Dorico team contacted me months ago and asked for beta testers, I agreed, and was completely blown-off by Steinberg, never a word… Now that I’ve paid for Dorico with my hard earned scratch, we find issues that should have been discovered long ago and these issues are preventing the most basic functions. Please don’t misinterpret, I whole heartedly support your, and your teams effort, we need Dorico. I have been working in Cubase score editor for several years now, it’s not unusual to create a hundred and fifty page score, I know how unwieldily the work flow can be with a decent, albeit, limited score editor. Please don’t ignore this issue, I’m willing to help resolve it…

Just to say this, we had hundreds of applicants for beta and we couldn’t take them all in.
And of course, we will keep up and try to solve this, just give us some time.

This is the part that bothers me, “Unfortunately it is uncertain when we will have a solution.” Should I just put Dorico aside? For how long?

I Just wanted to be honest. What shall I say instead? “It’s fixed in one week” And what if we can’t find the solution until then? We will work on this and of course sort it out, sooner or later. But I will not commit myself on any date.

And on the other point, can you really only work with Dorico, if sound comes out via your Symphony device? Built-In Audio will completely block your whole workflow?

Re-routing a studio for one piece of software is CRA-CRA-Crazy… Yes, built-in audio in the chain will cost more $.


Okay, understood. Will try to find at least a workaround for you that you can live with for the moment, but have to think about it…

Thank you Ulf.