Dorico xml import issues from sibelius

When importing an xml from Sibelius (exported either via Sib internal command or via Dolet xml export plug-in) playing techniques like down bow and up bow are missing/not imported. Anyone have the same issue? Who knows why?

In order for Playing Techniques to import as such, the originating program has to tag them as playing techniques. Dorico has, over successive iterations, improved their XML import routines; but not all programs strictly support the full XML standard, so only so much can be done.

any workaround?

Are you even sure that Sibelius/Dolet exports them?

In the latest version of Sibelius I created a sample document which looks like this:

bowing (77.7 KB)

and exported it to musicxml.

bowing (2.1 KB)

Importing it into Dorico 4 DID NOT show the bowing:

Importing it into Dorico 5 DID show the bowing:


What happens when you import the XML back into Sibelius?

The bowing shows when the XML is imported back into Sibelius.
Also, importing it into MuseScore 4 shows the bowing.

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Here is a screen shot of part of the XML file.
It looks like the export from Sibelius does tag the bowing appropriately.

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just tried in Musescore ok. But exporting the same one from musescore to dorico gives the same result, no down/upbows

What version of Dorico are you using?
In an earlier reply I mentioned that Dorico 5 shows the bowing but Dorico 4 does not.

yes Sibelius tags properly. I opened the xml, like you and verified. I’m on Dorico ver 4 the latest

Could you try to export xml from Dorico 5 and import it into Dorico 4? To see if Dorico 5 tags different. In tat case an xml search and replace is a very fast option.

I think an upgrade to Dorico 5 is required. (xml import and export capability is very much a moving feast amongst software vendors as competition and the standard evolves)

Edit: See the recent changes in the Dorcio 5 version history (pages 34-35) more import capabilities have been added.

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That appears to be the case.

Exporting the XML from Dorico 5 and then importing it into Dorico 4 DID NOT show the bowings.

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If you need something urgent, and cannot upgrade to D5, you might ask someone here to import it for you and send you the resulting dorico file (which D4 would open and would include the bowings)…

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I’m happy to help in doing this. You can either post the file here or send it to me privately.

this might be a solution . I will consider that. Thanks.