Dorico y Noteperformer interrogantes en reproduccion

Hola he tenido que reinstalar windows ,y al instalar Dorico y Noteperformer en reproduccion me aparece con interrogantes y no consigo que funcione.
?como se puede resolver este problema¿

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here.

Dorico (1.8 MB)

Hi @ximofa , thanks for the diagnostics. It shows that NotePerformer (NP) got blacklisted with you, that means during start up Dorico performs a scanning of all plug-ins and found that something is wrong with NP and therefore put it on the blacklist and not allows it to be used in order to avoid crashes.
Now, we have to find out why that is happening on your machine. Please download and unzip the attached batch script. Do a double click on it and after a few second the file scanVSTsOutput.txt shall appear on your desktop. Please post that file here (maybe you first have to zip it before attaching). Thank you (1.1 KB)

(Attachment scanVSTsOutput.txt is missing) (422 Bytes)

Thanks very much for the data. Your case looks similar to another one I’m currently dealing with. Please have a look here and also provide a minidump. Thanks

Te mando el enlace pk no consigo subir el archivo

Hi @ximofa , I can not download from your google drive directly, you have to grant access first. I sent you a request via my google account. Maybe it is in your spam folder, please check.

@ximofa , thanks, now I got the dump file and indeed, this is the known issue about where NotePerformer hangs in the AMD driver. The stack trace in your dump file shows also that atio6axx.dll from AMD. Please read here what you need to do to resolve the issue.

Hola veras no soy un experto en informatica podrias explicarme paso a paso como cambio el controlador AMD

I don’t know either, but there is plenty of help out there in the web.
For example have a look at this video.

Hola conseguido .
1 paso volver al controlador anterior
2 paso reinstalar NP
3 paso reiniciar
4 como no reconocia mis 3 monitores volver al controlador primero
y asi ha funcionado

Escribo esto para darte las gracias por tu dedicacion y si le pudiera servir a algun otro usuario.

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