When will there be a template for big band?
How does one enter title, composer, lyricist, et cetera?

Yes, there will soon be a template for big band, hopefully in the 1.0.10 update coming at the end of November.

To enter title, lyricist, and composer etc., go to the File > Project Info dialog and enter the various bits of information there for your first flow (not for the whole project, as those tokens aren’t used by default), and the things you enter there will magically appear on the pages.

Which must imply Chord Symbols will also arrive… ?

I have to say, the title of this thread takes the cake for “least descriptive thread title in history”…

I dunno. I dont suggest using them, but how about:

“Problem”, or “Help!”



I wonder if Donald knows he can go back to his first message and change the thread title.

Unfortunately chord symbols will not be included in version 1.0.10. It may surprise you to know that it takes longer than four weeks to write a comprehensive set of features for chord symbols.