I’ve had to use Sibelius over the past week for a client who specifically wants this format. Like many, I found Dorico really hard to get into but going back to my previous program after such a long time has really shined a light on how easy and efficient Dorico is to work with.

I’m getting so frustrated with all the mouse-clicking I have to do, navigating without just being able to press arrows, having to navigate menus without a Jump Bar to find almost anything I need, non-dynamic cues, copying the same chord symbols to other instruments… the list goes on but these are some of my biggest frustrations.

Thanks for providing us with such a great notation program!!

(Sibelius, if you are reading this, remember you will always hold a special place in my heart)


I can share everything you mention - even the last sentence in brackets!

Agreed, including the last sentence with Finale substituted for Sibelius!

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Assuming you’re using a recent version of Sibelius, try hitting comma to get to the command search, then type what you’re looking for, then select and hit Enter. It’s one thing that really has improved lately.

(I share some of your other frustrations, of course.)


Indeed. Tried to do a small project in Finale ( which I’ve used for 20-plus years); after many happy months using Dorico, it was like being in a strange, new world-and lost🙃