Dorico3.5 Trial version intermittently not playingall instruments

I am building an orchestral score in Dorico 3.5 trial Version using the Noteperformer plugin
I just realised that some of the time that Dorico does not play the strings and the connection between the score and the sounds is completley lost.
Is this a known fault of Dorico 3.5.
I am also having problems with the elicencer which intermittently tells me that the connection which it needs to validate for the progam to work has been lost and I am invited to ‘retry’
Could these two issues be related?
I would also like to have it on record that when I tried to create this steinberg Forum ID the system did not recognise the email address that I had previously used as a ‘valid email address’.
Finally I have no idea what my Forum name is but I would like to say it was asterism87 up to now and all posts under this name were my own. Is there any way of amalgamating all my posts under the same name. I would also like to change the email address back to my original choice.


As to your difficulty logging onto the forum, how long has it been since you last visited the forum? As you may know, the forum software changed a while ago, and the logons for the older forum were changed to use one’s Steinberg logon.

(And I would hesitate to post one’s e-mail address on the forum for security reasons.)