Dorico3 - Freezes when I try and save

Having issues with the upgrade to Version 3 - One of my efforts keeps crashing when trying to save it - It lets me move around into Set Up, Write and Engrave but freezes if I try to change anything in Play and also if I try to save. There are three ports for VST Instruments that shouldn’t be there - I was using on HSSE and 3 East West Play - The extra 3 have appeared since upgrading from 2.2.10 to 3
The file was originally imported as a midi file from Cubase and I was starting to add dynamics - Everything else wanted a final look through so a lot of hours could have been lost.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. Firstly please follow the steps here under ‘Dorico is crashing, what to do’ to produce a diagnostic report so we can see what’s causing the crash:

Do you get a hang or a crash when you try to play the project? Try going to Edit > Device Setup and select the device and sample rate, then try playing and saving.

Regarding the extra slots in the VST rack - this is nothing to worry about. In Dorico 2 we hid empty slots, but in Dorico 3 we show them. This is quite important for when you have multiple instances of the same plugin so that the name and location in the rack matches the label in the mixer and in the VST plugin window, otherwise it’s very hard to keep track of which one is which.