Dorico4 Pro Slow in adding players/sections

Hi, My Dorico 4 Pro response too slow when adding players/sections and/or changing

Is there a way I could make Dorico response faster or is it a bug?

I have BBCSO Pro, do I need to uninstall it from mt vst library in order to get faster?

I’m using Win10, i7 11700k, 64gRAM, 3050Graphic Card, and yes Dorico is in C which is SAMSUNG’s evo 970 pro so not a disk problem I guess.

Thank You

BBCSO is certainly a large library that uses a lot of CPU and RAM. If you are adding new players to an existing document, then Dorico has to alter the layout to fit the new player in; as well as the samples loading.

You can ‘turn off’ the Playback, using the ‘power’ switch next to the Play controls; and then add your instruments quickly. Then turn the playback on again.


Yeah I just tried your solution, and it worked.

Nop, Sorry I was wrong, this doesnt work.
It still take atleaset3-5sec corresponding to my operation.
and I already turn off the “power”, and put bbcso into blocked VSTs.

So it’s like I have to wait for 4-5 sec after I add a player/player section.
Also in Engrave mode, whenever I change a setting it takes 4-5sec or more to take action.
But in Sibeilius, it never took so long

The problem is, if I’m only making a piano section or solo section, I can wait for it.
But most of the time I have to make a whole Orchestral Sheet, which is more than 20 tracks.

Hi. My experience with this : either use NotePerformer (very fast and really efficient) or use a template with VEPro (that you keep loaded, so that you only need to connect Dorico to it, not load every instance). At this point, I have given up on BBCSO, my 16" macbookpro cannot keep up with that demanding library.

Hi, I now changed to NotePerformer as you said, but there is no sound whenever I playback or when I choose a note. Any solution?

a) Did you apply the NotePerformer playback template?
b) did you rewind playback to the start of your score?

yes, I did all you said and I restart the app
Nothing happened

Sorry, can’t guess further without seeing how you set up the file. Can you upload a few bars of it?

sure, here’s my preference and playback template setting

My poor eyesight is not up to deciphering that! Does NP work if you start a new file from scratch?

Nop, I recreat a project but still no sound, only piano, no sound while playing midi keyboard, no sound choosing notes, no sound playback

Are you certain that NotePerformer is actually loaded? If you go to Play mode and look in the VST Rack panel, is NotePerformer loaded, and can you show its interface?

Here’s the thing:
I am pretty sure I Loaded NP correctly, and I reinstall it twice, but nothing happened.
I also followed the instruction of another suggestion, but nothing happened.
But, I did find out that Dorico and NP worked well with my MBP2019, also it’s way faster and smoother than my win, though I have a better win machine than mac for sure.

If you’re still having problems, perhaps you could create a simple project for piano only, add a few notes, and then attach that here, together with an updated set of diagnostics (produced by choosing Help > Create Diagnostic Report).