Dorico5 could not connect to Audio-Engne

I have the problem with Dorico in Mac system (both OSX 12.7.4 & 14.3.1)

It always show me “Could not connect to Audio-Engne”
I have use the activity monitor to terminated the audio-Engine and reopen the Dorico 5, but it still now work even I reboot my computer.

I try to get support but I never could found where to create the support ticket in Steinberg’s Website.

my Computers:
MAC intel OSX 12.7.4
MAC M1 OSX 14.3.1

@AkalSeva The first thing that will be required is the Diagnostics Report. If Dorico happens to start, you can generate it via menu Help>Create Diagnostics Report and post the resulting zip file here.

You can create a support Ticket if you go into your account on the Steinberg site and clicking support:

One can even create a Diagnostic Report from the Hub.

The forum is by far the best place to obtain support. Depending what country you are in the support may as well be non-existent (take Australia for example).

There knowledgeable people here and Steinberg staff member representatives, for which we are very lucky.


Hi @AkalSeva , sorry to hear about your trouble with Dorico.

So the audio engine is still running, after you get that message, right? Please go to the Activity Monitor then, at the top of the window is a little icon, it’s a circle with 3 dots inside. Click on that and from the pop-up menu choose ‘Create Spin Dump’.
Save that to a text file and post to a reply here, please.
Thanks a lot

Ulf via Steinberg Forums <> 於 2024年3月25日 週一 下午3:03寫道:

Dorico (419 KB)

Ulf via Steinberg Forums <> 於 2024年3月25日 週一 下午3:03寫道: (839 KB)

Thanks for the data @AkalSeva .

It appears to me that the VSTScanners have a problem, but I can’t tell yet exactly what it is.
First thing, try to only run Dorico and no Cubase in parallel.
Second, please go to MacintoshHD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3 and rename that VST3 folder to something differently, e.g. _VST3
By that Dorico , resp. it’s audio engine does not see that folder anymore. When you then start up Dorico, how does it behave?

Ulf via Steinberg Forums <> 於 2024年4月7日 週日 下午9:31寫道:

Hi @AkalSeva , somehow your reply got lost. Please have a look in the forum at your last posting, there is no information contained.

Yes…it work!
I remove my VST folder ,and then DORICO start success.

But when I restore the VST folder , DORICO could not start again.

Create a new VST folder and put half your VST’s in it.

Try to start Dorico: if Dorico starts, then the troublesome VST is in the other half. If Dorico does not start, swap the two groups and try again to start the program.

So add half of those into the folder (being sure to keep track of which are freshly added).

If Dorico will not start, then one of those recently added is the problem.
Otherwise add half of the remaining VST’s into the folder, etc. etc.

Hi @AkalSeva ,

basically Derrek is correct with his instructions, but I need to clarify it a little bit.

Did you just move out/restore only the VST folder or also the VST3 folder? Basically one or more of the plug-ins makes trouble while Dorico starts up. So therefore you would need to first rename the VST and VST3 folders, create new/empty folders and then start putting back plug-in by plug-in and in between start up Dorico and see if it still launches.
Doing this one by one is pretty tedious, so as Derrek describes it, you can also put them back in groups of 5 or if you have really lots of plug-ins groups of 10. With such strategy you get faster to the goal. And please report back which plug-in(s) were the culprit. Thanks

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