Dorico5 Update: 3rd Party Milan Analysis Font Ad

Dear Forum,

dorico5 advertised a third party functional analysis font in youtube. I had to learn in comparing the fonts in the trial version, its not contained in the stock fonts of the new update. It is called MILAN or such. You will know better than me.
A link is missing in that video description and I did not walk through the longer video to find it referenced for a download there. I would implement it, but I did not find it on steinberg sites either…(??).


The only functional analysis font I’m aware of (there may be others) is MusAnalysis created by Dorico user @dan_kreider. It is available at Notation Central

The respective external font to be used in d5 is called Milan*. It is used/developed(?) by Prof. Georgi

There are zero results for a Google search of “Milan music analysis font prof georgi”.

Where did you see it advertised?

I know. The video´s intention is to merely show off non contained and/or commonly achievable 3rd party fonts?

Can you show us where in the video this font is mentioned/used/advertised?

For what it’s worth, I also asked in the German Forum Schriftsatz für Musikanalyse and @Markus_Hartmann so maybe we’ll get an answer after the weekend.

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I can’t seem to generate timestamps on the YouTube link, but for example 43:22 you can see the whole list. MilanAnalyseFunktion etc.

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You need to open the video in youtube to catch the actual timecode link.

@derKirchenmusiker: Thx for connecting to M. Hartmann!

Maybe ask on the YouTube comments.