Doricos Screenjumping

Dear Doricoteam,
I’ve got another one of the random screen jumping where the note selected is not in the new view (not even close). To reproduce it:

  1. I’ve got Dorico to fill out about 2/3 of my 1920x1080 monitor, zoom level is 200%, page view
  2. Select in the Full Score Layout in Flow 2 on page 2 the first note in bar 9 in the tenor voice (its a B) and make sure the view is, so that the selected note is quite at the left of the window
  3. Arrow key down
  4. Arrow key Left
    It kinda depends on the start view but I have the feeling its pretty reproducible.
    Here is the project: (577 KB)
    Thanks for looking into it and best regards

To make this easier for me to look into, would you please be so kind as to provide two screenshots of your whole desktop (not only the Dorico window), one showing exactly what you have in view immediately before you make the edit that causes the screen to move unexpectedly, and a second one showing how the score is positioned immediately after the unexpected move?

Hello Daniel, here are three screenshots: The first is step 3) before the screen jump, the second one is after step 4) after the screen jump, and the last picture is to illustrate where the view should have been (when scrolling to the bottom of the A4 paper).
The error might have to do something with the tied note that is split over the two pages.

Best regards

Thanks, Stephan, for attaching your screenshots. I can indeed reproduce the problem following your steps. I’ve filed this away and I will take a look to try to fix it when an opportunity presents itself.