Dorico's version for proofreaders

Hi, for the correction and control of the scores that I transcribe, I use a colleague who, however, does not own Dorico.
I would like there to be a version of Dorico that only had the possibility of reporting any corrections to be made using the “Comments” function.
Then a viewer of the xxx.dorico file with the possibility of saving so that the friend with whom I work can correct any incorrect notes directly in the score by reporting them to me with the “Comment” function and nothing more and then I can load the file and complete the transcript correctly.

Is all this possible with the reduced versions?

I hope I explained myself.

Thanks… :slight_smile:

Salve, per la correzione e controllo delle partiture che trascrivo, mi avvalgo di un collega che però non possiede Dorico.
Mi piacerebbe che esistesse una versione di Dorico che avesse esclusivamente la possibilità di segnalazione di eventuali correzioni da fare utilizzando la funzione “Commenti”.
Quindi un visualizzatore del file xxx.dorico con possibilità di salvataggio in modo tale che l’amico con cui collaboro mi possa correggere eventuali note errate direttamente in partitura segnalandomeli con la funzione “Commento” e nulla di più e poi io possa caricare il file e completare la trascrizione correttamente.

E’ possibile con le versioni ridotte tutto questo?

Spero di essermi spiegato bene.

Grazie… :slight_smile:

Dorico for iPad is only $4 a month for a subscription and allows comments. If your colleague has an iPad they could open your file in it, make comments, then send it back. They would only need to pay for the months you are collaborating.

If you friend has access to a PDF program (a program, not just the reader), you could send a PDF file and your reader could notate comments on the PDF.

Even Acrobat Reader, (or Preview on Mac, for that matter) can annotate PDFs. But I agree with OP, it would be very useful for a “proofreading” version of Dorico that only allows commenting. I’ve seen myself there before.

Thanks for the answers …

Unfortunately the colleague does not have an Ipad and with the pdf, however, I would have to continually revise the score.
I think it would be more interesting to have a version limited to two or three functions available, perhaps with the possibility of a sound even if basic and aimed at correction.

I remember there was software years ago that allowed this (I don’t remember if it was for Sibelius or Finale).

Perhaps the comments function could be enabled for the free version of Dorico for this reason.


The fact is that you don’t always have a limited number of staves.
For example, I transcribe manuscripts with many staves and the free version is limited.
I would not be able to use it.
It would be better if it was a pro version (therefore infinite number of staves), but with only these two or three functions enabled.
I think it would also be a way to “convince” people to buy the full version later …

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The smaller versions can still open and interact with full files.

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…and Elements is going up to 24 players in the next version, apparently. (See Incomplete project template - #13 by dspreadbury)

In this case, then, I will wait for the next version.
Do you know when it might be sold?

This is the latest I read on the subject.

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