Dorio Mixer Mapping with VEPRO on Playback

I seem to have a problem when multiple ports are used within the same VEPRO instance. In the example below the woodwinds are in the same VEPRO instance but with a different port numbers for the bassoon. All woodwinds have separate output ports om VEPRO. The Dorico mixer says the bassoon is on Outputs 7/8 while in reality it is coming out on Outputs 11/12.

The Dorico mixer only accepts 16 separate inputs from each VEPro instance. I ran into the same issue…I have determined that it is best to stick with a single port only for each VEPro instance. The assigned outputs in VEPro will come into the Dorico mixer in 16 stereo pairs for the 16 midi channels on the single port. It is basically a limitation of Dorico and VEPro, the technicalities of which I do not understand!

Does Cubase have the same 16-channels-per-port limitation, and if not, is this something that could be expanded in Dorico somewhere in the future?

thanks for the heads up on that one. So far I have never needed to use more than one port per instance in VE Pro but I’ll bear in mind to be careful if I do for some reason need in the future.

Derrek - It may also be the case with DAW’s. I know in Logic you would use a 16 channel multi and split out the Aux’s, but you can only have one VEPro connection per channel, so it may not work either. You can use multiple ports in a VEPro instance as long as they all come out of the master stereo bus…it’s only when you want to split out the outputs that you run into this issue. For a long time I just had my instances in VEPro coming out of the master stereo bus, but I started using the solo function in Dorico a lot more and therefore needed my instruments coming in on separate channels.

This scenario works just fine with Cubase. I often have more than 10 ports in a single VEPRO instance with up to 16 MIDI channels per port without problem.

Since VEP can have “gazillians” of instruments in a single instance, I was wondering whether Cubase (in particular) could address that many outputs, since that would hold out hope that Dorico might do so in the future. If Cubase is also limited to addressing 16 outputs per VST instance (which is admittedly pretty much the industry standard) I would be careful to construct my VEP templates accordingly.