Dot 5 Upgrades Worth IT?

I’ve become disillusioned w/ Cubase’s marketing pukes strategy to suck more $$ from the Cubase user community w/ these $50 .5 upgrades plus having to play full prices for upgrades between versions.

I just found out about Cubase 7.5 which I’ll have to pay a full $300 to upgrade from Cubase 5. I can see maybe paying $200 because I skipped a full 6 release but milking loyal customers like me who’ve been w/ Cubase since SX for the full upgrade price of two versions, plus having to pay for the .5 releases?

I’ve also found out the Reason 7 comes with RECORD now and users can upgrade to Reason 7 from ANY previous version of Reason for $120. I use Reason quite a bit and incorporate w/ Cubase. Record is a good recording platform and integrates perfectly with Reasons rack effects and you can record multiple tracks from an audio interface, so this could be the end of line for me and Cubase.

I’m not hating Steninberg, in general, because I’m planning to pick up the UR44. Which looks like it just became available for purchase on the Steinberg website today! (YEY!)

Maybe the marketing pukes will pull their heads our of their corporate lobotomy city @$$es and come up w/ a bungled package deal that offers a slightly discounted upgrade w/ the UR44. At which point I’d likely be back on board w/ Cubase unless Reasons Record fits my needs… Until then happily working in C5. We shall see. (;


I find it less painful to get the .5 upgrades, but I’ve not worked out the economics.

You don’t save money by passing up the dot 5 updates, it is just rolled into the the next higher version update.

You would have paid $400 had you bought the Cubase 6 and Cubase 7.5 when they each came out, so you get $100 for not having bought 6.

Very pittoresque final paragraph, you should apply to work at Yamaha marketing. I found

pull their heads our of their corporate lobotomy city @$$es and come up w/ a bungled [sic] package deal

especially pithy. :wink:

Point taken! (;
Imho, But why should I pay the price for a version I didn’t even use?

The upgrade pricing is getting higher and higher and more complex w/ every .5 release and honestly there’s not much to the .5 releases that constitutes shelling out $50 AND having to pay $50 for the .5 release if a user decides to bypass it.

But here’s the scenario: Fellow Cubase 6 user doesn’t see any need to purchase 6.5 BUT to get to 7.5 this poor soul has to pay $250. Where as the fellow Cubase 6.5 user pays $200 for the 7.5 upgrade because he already paid $50 for the 6.5 release. That poor Cubase 6 user still pays $50 for 6.5 features they don’t need to get to 7.5.

It’s like corporate puke marketing thugs saying you can pay us now or you can pay us later but either way you WILL PAY! ((:

You really didn’t, actually. The $300 you’d pay to get Cubase 7.5 is discounted due to you being a previous customer. It’s been 5 years since you shelled out, and you are getting a 40% discount compared to new license.

In any case it’s the same old thing. Vote with your wallet. If SB can’t sell the software at a given price they’ll lower the price.

IMO, The price of DAW software is so incredibly low compared to the olden days of hardware that it’s a non-issue entirely.

Of course you will. Just as you would at the supermarket and the gas station.

“worth” is a relative term…one mans trash is another mans treasure
you can pay for the .5 now or pay later from v7 to v8 instead of cheaper (by $50) v7.5 to v8 upgrade path


It’s simple really. If you don’t want to pay for it…don’t. Like any product offering whether hardware OR software.

Seems your version (like mine) of Cubase 5 works just fine.

Why not just stay with that and save your $$$?

Profound! Why don’t more people understand this?

Because loyal customers shouldn’t be treated like shit? :unamused:

Also when you make a long run investment (learn to use it, perhaps buy a couple or more licences for your studio, etc) it isn’t exactly comperable to buyng the new X Y harware…

However you are right in one thing. If anyone wants the .5 paid updates gone, or lower prices in general, they have to speak with their wallets and not act like fanboys eternaly.

Never be a “loyal” customer. Customer “loyalty” is for suckers. Buy a product because it is priced fairly for you based on what you need/want/get and what you have to pay for it.
Speak with your wallet AT ALL TIMES, not just during the .5 upgrade cycles.
Buying a product out of “loyalty” to a brand without regard to value is a bad economic decision.

One can be a “loyal” customer not by decision but because he likes, is accustomed to, or has invested to the software like I described in my previous post.

“Loyal” or not I believe that he deserves to not be milked like a cow and getting a product of substandard quality in return. If so, he’ll find his way sooner or later or he is stupid, I aggree…