Dotted crochet problems


I’ve done the following in notation options, but whenever I type in a dotted crochet (in this case at the start of a bar), I still get a crochet tied to a quaver - anyone else had this and know how to fix it?

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 16.49.57.png

Update! The crochet tied to a quaver problem happens in the baritone part, but not other (like flute) parts…

Do you have a screen shot of what you are doing? Perhaps, something else is turned on preventing this working as it is supposed to?


In any case :
•Invoke the caret to enable note entering mode and put it where you want to input the note
•press o (it enables force duration)
•choose your rhythmic value (dotted quarter)
•press the note name
Dorico will write exactly what you wanted it to write.

I’ve more than once hit ‘O’ by mistake. Could that be what’s happened in your case, Cheryl?

Thanks so much everyone…

For some reason, when I ONLY put a dotted crochet in a bar, with nothing following, it sometimes still stays as a crochet tied to a quaver. If I carry on inputting rhythms after this, it then turns into a dotted crochet…

But then it stopped happening so not sure what is going on - in the meantime I just type ‘o’ before any bars in which there’s only a dotted crochet at the start the bar…

It may be me doing something stupid…

Thanks everyone!


Yes I have this also. I think what is happening is it is waiting for the next input you do before it knows it is a rest, so it can apply the notation rule. As the title says, “…followed by a rest…” but it needs you to carry on inputting so it knows how to present it.

Did you try inputting the exact same notation in the same way on one part then on the baritone and see if there are any differences, or are you commenting just in general as the (perhaps different) notation was being put in?