Dotted half instead of half+tie+quarter in cut time

So I have a bar with a dotted half note and then a quarter rest. Cut time. Dorico insists on notating the dotted half note as a half note tied to a quarter. I fiddled around with notation options but I can’t find anything that will change this. (If I change the quarter rest to a note, Dorico changes the half+tie+quarter to dotted half.)

Is there a solution?


You can choose the “force duration” option during note input mode and it will leave the note value whatever you select as you input the note. Ie- press: force duration (“o”), then “7.” and input your pitch and you should be golden.

Yes, I did just that but it did not work. Does it work for you? In alla breve/cut time?

…OK, now I see. The problem was that I was trying to change half+tie+quarter to dotted half and that would not happen. I deleted the notes, and then input like you said. Then it works. But changing already existing notation should be possible IMO. In this case not a big deal, but there might be other situations more complicated.

That’s the problem with force duration : you have to re-enter the notes. Once you know it, you just do it directly from scratch, but it is something you have to get used to.
Anyway, I remember that, in another thread some months ago, Daniel said that he might look into how Dorico handles cut time, and allow these dotted half notes, as a preference (as in C). Please Daniel, correct me if I am wrong !