"Dotted Notes" defaults ON when starting note entry

If I click in a staff to start note entry, “Dotted Notes” defaults ON. (I’m in 4/4 time.) Didn’t used to – and I don’t seem to be able to find a preference to control this behavior. Ideally I’d like it to default OFF and I explicitly turn it ON. Thanks!

This isn’t normally the case – unless perhaps you are starting note input with a dotted note already selected?

Not starting with anything selected.

When you click in a staff, you are selecting something, even if only for a split-second. Can you give more details? I have not seen this myself.

Clicking in an empty bar. Unclear what exactly I could be selecting in that use case.

Ha, rebooting my machine solved it. I do tend to leave Dorico and Cubase open for days at a time when I’m on a big project. Memory cruft does accumulate – he he.