Dotted notes in opposing voices

Are there any more elegant ways in Dorico for opposing voices (one dotted, the other one not) to appear? Moving the rhythm dot is not possible. I tried a workaround with a staccato dot, but they are only movable on the y-axis. I also found out that selecting “aggressive” under “rhythm dot consolation” reduces the gap between the notes. It would be nice if this also repositions the rhythm dot so that it doesn’t overlap with the other notehead.



Sorry, I can’t help answer your question, but thought I recognized the music.

(Asking for a friend…)

You could select both notes, right click and under voices select “swap voices”. It may not be what you’re after, but it will certainly help.

David’s advice is good, it should give you the result you want. In case of more complicated voices placement, you can use the voice column index property (bottom panel in Engrave mode) to give each note a column index, so that you choose the first notes on the left (column 0), the next (column 1) etc…
It is very reliable, though less quick than just a click in the context menu (to swap voice order)

I didn’t know about the column index property thing. Thank you very much! I think I found a good solution with the help of it.

You have recognized it from this small part? :open_mouth: It’s from his Sonata SW12, A Major, I’m working on a guitar arrangement of it.

Well, two things: I played this many years ago - it has a chaconne, yes? The Sarabande is in f# minor? that one? But the giveaway is the U symbol - I’ve only ever encountered it in the Chiesa/Weiss edition. Sometimes you get lucky… Great piece, by the way. But then, you know that already!

Marc, your answer was so helpful! Thank you

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