Dotted quarter = quarter [Solved]

I desperately need the dotted quarter = quarter tempo marking (the symbols/notes of course, not the words) for a piece I’m engraving. I realize from previous postings that it isn’t yet available, but has anyone figured out a workaround, perhaps using system text or something?


[Sorry to have wasted people’s time. I found the answer in another post (one of my old ones, which is embarrassing), with good answers, plus fkret’s below.]

If you have Finale you have a couple of fonts called EngraverText… with these you can just input q=q. as a text object. I bet there are similar fonts shipped with Sibelius.
As in many similar cases you could also copy and paste the symbols from here: and add them as music text to a text object.

Thanks, fkret. The cut/paste didn’t work, but font substitution worked fine. (I used Maestro, which I believe came with Finale.)