dotted sextuplet multi-note tremolo/left hand measured tremolo


I’m engraving some Mahler 9. How would I engrave the dotted sextuplet multi-note tremolo/left hand measured tremolo in the viola, shown here in the screenshot?

I tried making an eight note sextuplet, then made it into dotted eighth notes, but the dots disappear when I change it into a multi-note tremolo.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.47.04 PM.png

select “force duration” before doing the tremolo.

ie :

(first make sure you are not in insert mode).

enter (note entry mode)
move to beat 2 of viola part
select dotted eighth rhythm , + force duration
enter the F A
select that beam (both F,A)
tuplet popover ; “6x:4x” (must have both those x’s)
select that beam again, (make sure force duration went back on !)
2-stroke multinote tremolo. (from repeat structure panel)
hit s for the slur. f if you need to flip it.

shr23, great!! That works. Thank you!

Now another question would be: why can’t I copy/paste this figure? It would save a lot of time to not have to do all those steps each time. The dots disappear when pasted though (even in same instrument, with Force Duration on or off)

that seems to be a bug. If you remove the tremolo, you can copy and paste it and then add the tremolo after as a work around.

I tried your method but didn’t work…, maybe something changed in Dorico 5?
Here I post also some experiments and consideration about this argument (bug or correct notation? Dot or not dot?)