Double Bar Lines on Line Breaks

Probably a thing for the wishlist:

I’d love to have an automated function to match double bar lines and repetitions to system line ends if possible (only before system breaks). That would be very helpful for lead sheets, drums, and the overall oversight for a whole piece. Less for classical or rehearsed material but for sight reading it’s a big thing.

I know there are the system break features and bar locks for manual editing. And there’s always room for interpretation if it’s useful or not in special cases (might get in conflict with spacing etc). But it would save a ton of time in most cases.

We do plan to add some features for influencing casting off to take things like rehearsal marks, double barlines and of course wanting to have multi-bar rests (or at least a bar’s rest) at the end of a right-hand page in a part to allow a comfortable page turn.

Great to hear! And already a very powerful program!