Double Barlines...

Hey everybody,

my barlines started to show some weird behavior…

I´m working on a pretty big score I brought in from Sibelius (to learn Dorico). I worked my way pretty much through it, but all of a sudden, double barlines seem not to apear in every staff… Its a big score, but the double lines only appear in second flute, piano, choir and some vocals…
This happens only if I try to create a double barline on a bar where a time signature is involved. On all other bars it works fine.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Sorry for my bad English.



This is not uncommon when importing via XML. You need to go to the start of the flow, select and delete your clefs, then do the same with time signatures. Don’t worry, you can delete the time signature and then add it back.

Thanks a lot, that was a great advice.
Even though I had to delete and re create every Time-Signature in the flow.
Now its working fine.

Dan (or anyone else), is there a list of things to do, or check after importing XML? (I seem to remember a thread or list somewhere but might be mistaken) Each time I import, various things need fixing and global filtering and fixing might help instead of looking at each problem along each stave.

There are preferences one can set up before importing XML.

Afterwards the original advice was to use Edit > Reset Appearance and Reset Position, but one may still have to manually remove added clefs and time signatures/bar lines.

I can only speak from my own experience, which is importing my old Finale files.

Hidden notes are a huge culprit, often rendering the import nearly unusable. I do regularly have to delete explicit clefs (well, I don’t know that I actually have to). Sometimes tuplets can be a problem.

The issue in the original post is the one I most frequently encounter.

I also have to re-enter tempo marks and expressive text, but that is probably to be expected. I do leave them in the import so I know where they are supposed to be in the score.

Overall, unless the original file had some unusual things in it, I usually have a pretty easy time of it. I used to view XML imports with suspicion, but not much anymore.

Thank you Dan, Derrek. My recent XMLs were from StaffPad and various 8th notes had been added at seemingly random places and needed deleting (I think replacing time signatures seemed to work instead (thanks for confirming Dan), and the score simply did not line up vertically. Most of the time sigs were redundant and seemed to be scattered randomly about.
(Sorry I do not mean to hijack the thread, should have started a new one, but Finale, Sibelius and Musescore XMLs seem to have their own problems from time to time and I forget what to do for each import (all apart from the complexities of the notation itself).