Double click in track area

How can I turn off double click creates new midi track? I do not want that on at all! :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, I’m afraid it’s not possible to disable this function.

Hmm, I see. Can someone explain the logic in having this feature? I suppose if we could change the way it behaves or eliminate it entirely that would be great. I have the same feeling about double clicking in the editor and it creates a midi region… I do not know why and I will investigate now to see if I can get rid of that as well. I think the thing that ALL Daws need to realize is that we producers are very specific and like to be annoyed as little as possible, therefor if a feature is added it MUST always be able to turn or or change the behaviour. I digress

Well, these are configurable.

explain how please, because I cannot find them

So you say you can? How?