Double click note duration behaviour

I have a question regarding Dorico 4. I have Dorico 4 Elements and I upgraded from 3.5 when it came out. It has been really nice, but there’s one thing that changed that I haven’t heard of and I want to know how to fix it.

In Dorico 3.5 when you double-clicked a note, for example, if you wanted to add notes on top of it to form a chord, the note selection on the left panel would automatically reflect the note duration that you selected. For example, if it was an eight-note, it would change to an eight-note. Or even if it was a dotted quarter, it would reflect that. That was super convenient because you only needed to press Q and add the notes.

Now, the left panel always selects a quarter note by default when you double click a note or enter Note Input mode. This is not that practical, especially when you are writing a piece with mostly half-notes, eight notes, lots of chords and so on.

Is there any way to change this back to how it was in 3.5? Thank you for your collaboration.

I think this difference is in whether mouse input is active. See the 4.0 User Guide about that.

Thank you for your response, Mark. But, unfortunately, Mouse Input doesn’t affect what the Notes panel select when double clicking or starting Note Input. I actually never use Mouse Input. This is referring to normal note input, using the keyboard.

I’ve tried it again, and now I can’t reproduce the problem you reported at all, though I thought I did earlier today. Now the Notes panel always shows the note value I double-click on – in both 3.5 and 4.0, whether I double-click a note or a rest or a stem, in any voice, regular note or grace note, part of a tuplet or not.

So I have no idea what could be causing this for you. If you have a minimal project that exhibits the problem, I’d love to see it.

OK, so, after days of trying different stuff, it seems that I finally got into what causes this:

This happens to me on Dorico 4 Elements when selecting “Specify accidental, rhythm dot and articulations: After inputting note”. I always had been using Dorico this way, because it’s more natural/comfortable for me. When I switch to “Before inputting note”, it works as it should. It seems that I need to get used to work this way.

In Dorico 3.5, both “After” and “Before” inputting note modes would always let me double click a note and reflect its value on the Notes panel. It’s in Dorico 4 that I see this issue. And it’s behaving like this regardless of the project I’m working on.

In this case, is this an intentional change or is it maybe a bug? It would be really nice if this could be checked maybe for any future hotfix if it’s not intentional.

Thank you for your help once again.