Double Click Note Insert

I recently upgraded to 8.5, and I’ve discovered something that really annoys me.

Working with MIDI notes in the key editor, I noticed that I was getting strange volume level anomalies, where random notes would suddenly be much louder than their neighboring notes. I would adjust the velocity values in the controller lane to try to compensate, but this had no effect on the volume level of these notes. After investigating some more, I realized that the offending note events had been somehow doubled, causing them to play louder. I didn’t know where these extra notes were coming from, and it happened often enough to be extremely irritating and disruptive. I was about to revert back to Cubase 7.5 when I discovered the cause of the problem.

When working in the key editor, occasionally I will miss the note when I click. I am so accustomed to this, after decades of using Cubase, that I will realize I missed the note even before I click on it, so I will move the pointer slightly and make a second click to select the note. This effectively constitutes a “double-click.”

For some reason, double-clicking with the select tool causes a new note event to be created. I can find no mention of it in the manual, so I don’t know if this is intentional or some kind of bug. Has anyone else come across this? If so, have you discovered any way of working around it or disabling it (if it is an actual intentional feature)?

Thanks for your replies.

I think it’s by design… sure i remember something about it in one of the launch videos or documentation, yeah it can be rather annoying, i had a similar experience the other day, took me a few minutes to adjust to the new behaviour.