Double-click on notes in Key Editor


I want to delete notes by double cliking them, but it pop up note expression. I find this annoying. How I can disable it? If I cannot, can Steinberg please add option for this? Thanks!

In Key Editor, it’s not possible to delete a Note with a double click on it, with any Tool at all.
And you can’t disable the “double click opens note expression” behaviour.

I too miss the feature that Object Selection Tool or Draw Tool can delete Notes by a double click.
Or by a single click while holding down some modifier keys, for example SHIFT+ALT.

Too bad there isn’t a Cubase Feature Request section here on the forum (AFAIK).

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there is Feature Request section. I just made topic here:

I just found out (new Cubase user) that I cannot even delete automation points on double clicking them… Jesus… :unamused:

It works that way in the drum editor - be sure to turn on Show Note Length.

Also, in the Key Editor you can delete using a single click with the eraser tool- also, you can hold down the opt/alt modifier, and it deletes the following notes in that midi part. The eraser tool also allows you to select a group of notes, contiguous or not, to then delete with another click. It totally depends on the kind of music you write which method works for you.

Personally, I would never want double clicking to delete anything, because that’s not what I’m used to, just as you find it eye-roll-worthy that Cubase doesn’t do it.

We all love our work flow.

Hi steve and thank you for your input.

I wasn’t aware of the fact that “double clicking Note = delete Note” works in Drum Editor.(I am not that experienced with Drum Editor).
Even faster for me in Drum Editor: holding down ALT key while clicking on Note deletes that note, or, holding down ALT while keeping leftmouse
button pressed and then mousedragging over Notes will delete those notes.

Personally, and i assume the same goes for OP, i don’t like having to switch to Eraser Tool to delete Notes.
It’s cumbersome and slower workflow IMO.
Although i agree with you the Eraser Tool has its benefits when you want to delete multiple Notes at once.

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