Double click on track height to resize toggle height

I can’t find any fast way to toggle tracks height, there’s just an option that automatically resizes on every selection.

There is the Track Zoom Menu at the right side of the Project window .

You can also set keyboard shortcuts for these commands.

Thank you, but it cannot work for a single track, am I wrong?

No, it resizes all the tracks in the project. By default key command ‘Z’ zooms into the selected track and minimizes other tracks (and the lanes under the selected track).

Cool! Thank you, I didn’t find it in the documentation. Is there a way to let other tracks remain in two rows? A “default track heigh” or something like that.

You can use “Enlarge Selected Track” in the place of “Zoom tracks exclusive”. It leaves other track at their default size, but if you use it by keycommand you will have to live with the notification pop-up.

@mmoreo : you can also use shift + g or shift + h to change the hight of all lanes, or use cmd and up/down arrow keys to change the hight of just the selected track…

Good point from Frank, the Shift + G or H (zoom in/out tracks) either reduces or increases all the tracks height. So if the zoom track exclusive size is roughly fine but you want the other tracks at two rows, you could create a macro that first runs zoom track exclusive, then zoom out tracks.

This would result in one zoomed in track and the other tracks at a height of two rows.

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Ok, thank you all for the help, I appreciate