Double-click to rename in Cubase 10.5

I have auto-zoom selected tracks enabled. So if I go to a lower track and duble-click on it’s name to rename it, the first click is on the name field area but immidietly after the track size expands which reults in the second click being somwhere in the middle of the track.
In Cubase 10, this wouldn’t matter and it seemed like Cubase ignored the click location (as long as the first click was on the name field) and would continue to rename the track.
In cubase 10.5 that doesn’t happen.
Is this a feature that can be enabled in the preferences?

Here is a video demonstrating both versions of Cubase with the diferent behavior.
(First Cubase 10 and then Cubase 10.5)


Reported to Steinberg CAN-27357.